The kind of flowers any wedding would want…….

One thing that most people (and when I say people I mean women) talk about post wedding are the beautiful flowers. Here are a couple of ways to make sure your wedding flowers are impressive:


Super simplistic or super complicated? The latest wedding color craze or your favorite colors? At the end of the day the flowers should mean the most to the person who picked them YOU.  So rather than go with what everyone is doing tap into your creative side and come up with something different. Run your wildest dream past your florist. A good one can usually make it happen.


There is nothing worst then a wilted really-beautiful-about-4-hours-ago arrangement. Make sure you ask your florist about the type of flowers you want for the time of year your wedding will take place to ensure that they last. Ask for referrals and see if past clients had flowers that made it the entire day and thensome.


Super fragrant flowers can mmaybe youur reception area toxic to you or your guests who may be sensitive due to allergies. What if you picked the most wonderful flowers in the world only to have them outside the reception because someone is having a ccoughing or sneezing fit because of the smell? #EpicFlowerFail. Flowers no matter the type will make a room naturally smell nice. Going with the super smelly kind may get you the reaction you didnt want.


High centerpieces usually create a beautiful atmostphere but one prohitive when guests are trying to have a convesration across the table. Low centerpieces look great (and bigger because they are bunched together)  and encourage conversation. There are so many things you can do with low centerpieces and it may even help to stretch your budget.


Hopefully some of these tips will help you on your quest to pick the perfect arrangements for your wedding. If you like this post or have any other ideas to add about flowers any wedding would love, drop me a note here.

Tiil next time – love Your Wedding BFF,


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