5 Ways to Pick a Spouse

I am really particular about my clients. Wedding planning takes a lot of time and requires that I spend a lot of time with the couple whose wedding dreams I want to help make come true. Because of this, I make sure that I only get into wedding planning relationships I am confident will make it to the finish line. Here are a couple of factors that I consider when vetting my potential clientele:

I have to really like you, as a matter of fact I prefer to want to love you like family because when things get tough, i.e you get stressed out and decide to take it out on me, I know that I will forgive you and not hold it against you because I like you unconditionally. This goes both ways because the more you like me the more you will communicate with me. The more we communicate the smoother the wedding planning process will be. The more you like your spouse hopefully you were friends before you started dating the more likely you are headed for success!

I need stability and commitment in all my relationships in order for them to work. In wedding planning this is no different. I prefer to work with couples that have been together awhile and have demonstrated their commitment to each other. If the couple has a track record with each other of doing what they say they will do when they say they will do it, I can be sure that if we enter into a contract together it will be honored, payments will be made, and requests for info, contracts, etc will be responded to and not ignored. You shouldn’t have to guess from day to day if your potential spouse wants to be with you. He/she should be consistent and not on again off again about your relationship.

In love and in weddings, you have to know you want to get what you want. You have to be clear that you want a planner. You tell me exactly how you want your day to go and I make it happen. Your potential spouse should be clear from the beginning about their intentions they are either in or out!

On my wedding video, my husband stated that he wanted a partner for a wife. Some men/women don’t want that. This wedding planning relationship needs to be a partnership where I am the confidante you run to with all of your wedding problems so that I can do what you contracted me to – solve them or find someone who can.

A good friend of mine was also good friends with my future husband. She told me on many occasions that we would be good together. Almost 11 years later and still going strong, she was right. My first client came through a very good friend. Its not a bad idea to get your future spouse through a referral because you may find what I find to be true, that friend can vouch for them really and truly wanting what you have to offer.

So to sum it all up make sure your next potential “friend” or wedding planner is someone you like and don’t mind talking to all the time, stable, clear about their intentions with your relationship, looking for a true partnership and highly recommended by a friend!

How do you or did you pick your spouse? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers to love!

Christina Whitehurst is a seasoned wedding and event planner serving the NY Metro Area. To schedule a free consultation email her at cmwevents@gmail.com.

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