Don’t pinch pennies – ask your wedding bff!

Take this advice to heart. I am only going to say this once. Unless you inherit a large sum of money or get some other windfall of cash you need to plan how you are going to pay for your wedding. Here are a couple of easy steps to take to keep your wedding budget in check and prepare your pockets to write good checks:


Get engaged, find a venue and vendors then secure them for your special day a year or more in advance and spread the payments out over time. You will return from your honeymoon debt free and off to a good financial start with your new spouse.


Pick the three things that matter to you most and focus your wedding budget on those things. For me it was the venue, photography and video. For you it may be the dress, photography and favors.  Pick your three and focus your efforts it will help you cut the fat when push comes to shove and it will drive the wedding budget and planning process.


Cut your guestlist. Your college roomate that you have not spoken to in ten years doesn’t need to come to your wedding. Your great aunt and her family who you only see at family reunions doesn’t need to be at your wedding. Look at the cost per person for your wedding. Its upwards of $100 per person. Now look at your list, think about friends and acquaintances on that list, if you wouldn’t take them out for a $100 dinner, they don’t need to be on your guestlist.

I hope you take these tips to heart and plan your beautiful day in a way that maintains your piece of mind and your bottom line. If you like this post and have any wedding budgeting advice, share your comments below.

Love Your Wedding BFF,


Christina Whitehurst is wedding and event planner serving the NY Metro Area.  Email her at to schedule your free consultation

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